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Q Q: Where is the SATA connector?
A You could find SATA connector on PCB edge of I/O board, please connect SATA cable before installing display card, if you want to install a 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD.
Q Q: Wi-Fi connection is unstable after Devil Box has been connected to notebook.
A Please try to solve this by changing Wi-Fi connection to 5Ghz.
Q Q: None of the USB devices and display card (already install in Devilbox) have been detect after Thunderbolt 3 cable connect to Notebook/mini PC .
A Please try to solve this status by these step : Unplug the Devilbox from your Notebook/mini PC by disconnect Thunderbolt 3 cable. Shutdown notebook and also power off Devilbox power supply. Keep both Notebook or Mini PC /Devilbox power off for at least 30 seconds . then press power switch of Devilbox to power on this device . connect Thunderbolt 3 cable back to Devilbox and notebook Power ON the notebook/ mini-PC .
Q Devil Box installation process:
A 1. Update the notebook/mini PC to latest version 1607 of windows 10 at first (it might need to reboot several times). 2. Download driver for display card from AMD/NVIDIA website, and keep it in HDD of notebook /mini PC. 3. Disconnect all internet connection of Notebook /mini PC, including Wi-Fi and LAN connection. 4. Connect Devil Box to Notebook /mini PC, the system will detect a standard display device (display card in Devil Box) and USB/LAN device. 5. Install display driver (download in earlier) for display card in Devil Box. 6. Reboot system, new display driver should work with external display card. 7. Connect Wi-Fi / LAN of notebook /mini PC.
Q There are some error message show up when C15.7.1 driver install to Win7 SP1 system , How to make the driver could install correctly ?
A if this C15.7.1 (15.201.1102) WHQL driver (include support of R9 Nano ) has installation problem in Win7 SP1, this is related to MS update. To solve the issue, please remove this MS update : KB 2949927 and make sure this new update have already installed : KB 3033929 / KB 3035131 these status will not happen if end user have already enable auto update feature of Win7 SP1. more detail could be found in these 2 website : 1. KB# 3033929. 2. KB# 3035131
Q Why the display card with Boost function could not make GPU clock always stay on Boost speed ?
A For a display card with support of Boost function, GPU clock will be set by display driver, it will check current 3D loading of GPU, and some other working status of display card, like Temp. /power loading of GPU, if the GPU 3D loading in middle range, other setting is not too high, then GPU clock setting will set to Boost speed, to make the GPU could provide more performance with current 3D software, if GPU is working in very high loading, then display driver will make GPU clock stay on standard setting (no Boost), to make the system could work stably. So , the Boost function status will different with each display card , because every GPU have small different for its power consumption, every PC system also have different for its power status, because there are many different configuration of mainboard/power supply.
Q Why the display card with UEFI support could not boot up with my mainboard?
A This status happen because mainboard could not detect UEFI bios of display card correctly during booting process ,so , please check website of mainboard vendor for newest BIOS (release after Oct. 2012 ), and update this bios to solve this status .
Q What does my RMA test result mean?
A Test OK: No issue found with product. Non-Display: Product causes system to not POST. Windows Mosaic: Product will POST, but artifacts (display anomalies) are found on desktop and/or during full GPU load. DOS Mosaic: Product will POST, but artifacts (display anomalies) are found during boot sequence before loading operating system. Windows Hangup: Product will POST, but will cause system to lock up, BSOD, or driver failure typically requiring a hard reboot of system. Fan-NG: Product works fine in all regards with the exception of a non-working fan. Scrap (or others): Non-common issue as outlined above. Typically used for failed temperature sensor or overheating, but can be used for other uncommon issues.
Q HD5450 PCIe 2.1 suppose to backward compatible with PCIe 1.0. But it didn’t work on my motherboard.
A Some PCI-E 1.x motherboards need to update BIOS to recognize new generation AMD graphics cards. Please contact with your motherboard manufacturers to see if they have BIOS to support newer AMD graphics cards.
Q Why is there no sound on TV?
A Please confirm if the player is switched to mute and whether the audio output is configured correctly. Make sure if the computer sound output is over HDMI instead of your sound card.
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